Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kids Clothes...

I've just updated our online clothes with some Spring and Summer wear.  Very late I know!

Here's a little glimpse.... If you want to see more online, click on the photo of the Ted Baker Mac on the right.

Petit Fleur Dress 4-5 years

Oilily Dress 4- 5 years

Jigsaw Dress 4-5 years

No Added Sugar top 0-6 months

Catimini Dungarees 3 months

And finally - Did you see this video? Very cute but can also be a tinsy bit annoying after a while.
da da da da da da da da da da!

What are they saying?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Easter Event Coming Up...

We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with local artist and designer, Lottie Parker and will be holding an Easter Craft event on Sunday 10th April between 10am and 12 noon.  Sessions lasts approx one hour, and as space is limited at the shop, booking is required.  Check out Lottie's Folksy Site for some beautiful hand made gifts and cards.

Got this link whilst reading one of my favourite blogs, Design Mom. Jerome of Photomatonchic makes fantastic videos from photo stills.  It's such a unique way to capture a memorable event.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

I especially like the fact that the background to the video is papered in the same wall paper we have in our shop.

These photos were taken by the very talented Malin Ngoie.   She does the most amazing photo shoots.  She also happens to let out her house for location shoots and filming and her house is to die for!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Birthday Sophie!

I cannot begin to tell you how popular Sophie The Giraffe is.  When we first opened, we had many mums asking if we stocked Sophie.  I didn't know who Sophie was, so went in search of the elusive giraffe. I was finally led to the cutest teething toy around. And not only that, she's been helping babies to alleviate that incessant need to chew on something, for the past 50 years!

She's looking good for 50.  So current but yet so stylishly retro at the same time.  Click on the link below to see a cute video about her story.

Our Favourites

We have great fun, when visiting trade fairs, trying to work out what would be great for the shop.  We usually always end up going with a product/toy/label when both Bettina and I know we have seen something special.  Sometimes we're wrong and we fall in love with a product that we 'just know' our customers  will love too, and as it transpires...they don't.  But then sometimes we get it right and it's such a great feeling when our customers are excited by what they see when they visit the shop.  Here are some of our and our customers favourites.

These Micro Scooters have taken the UK by storm.  My kids have them, Bettina's daughter has them and as I wrote here, the whole of Hither Green's kids seem to have embraced this fantastic mode of transport!

These are fantastic for creative and role play.  Clever Box Club was created by very clever architect, Elaine McCabe. The company came up with the genius idea of exploiting children’s fascination with packaging and remodelled it.  They then went on to become one of the runaway hits of last year’s Christmas toy retailing.

So cool and even cooler is that when your child isn't playing with it, it can be folded, just as you would a cardboard box, with the bottom and top not taped together and hidden behind a wardrobe.  Cooler still is the fact that when your child has outgrown their play house, it can be thrown in the recycling bin.  Not that your child would ever get bored with this toy!

And then finally, there's the lovely Little Lily range...

When Bettina and I saw these cute dresses at Top Drawer, along with the rest of Calla Lily's range, we got very...excited.  After much deliberation, we went for a small selection of their spring/summer collection but could quite easily have gone with all their collection, Autumn and Winter as well!

As we are predominatly a nearly  new children's clothes shop, we often have people browsing for a gift for a child and not realising until we explain, that most of the clothes aren't new, such is the quality of nearly new clothes we select.  So to address this issue, we also stock a small range of new clothing from small labels and try to go with clothes that we feel work well alongside our nearly new ethos.  The same goes with the toys.  Saturdays are our busiest day and is also, 80 percent of the time the day to buy birthday/christening gifts.

Click here here and here to see some more of our favourites

Friday, 11 March 2011

Spring is here...almost

Well we have seen a few rays of sunshine and have been teased with what is to come and I for one can't wait.  At the shop we have taken stock of the cutest bunny watering cans and quickly decided that we absolutely needed one, or at least my youngest did.  Here she is modelling our latest purchase.  These photos were taken on one of those gorgeously sunny days that happened a few days ago.  Will they be back soon?

Looking for alternative lullabies for your babies?

For any one who has been to the shop, you will have seen our range of Babies Go CD's  These are hugely popular and are basically lullaby renditions of iconic rock and pop bands.

These are just a few of what is available, however we have an extensive range.  My personal favourites are Coldplay, and seem to be the most popular at the shop too, however the guys at Babies Go... told us that every area that they are sold in, have their distinct favourites.  I'll leave you to guess what your areas favourite would be!

We've recently also found out that Chris Evans regularly plays the Take That version on his radio show, What a boost for Babies Go UK - Well Done Guys!!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

We Love Local...

At Love Me Again we pride ourselves in supporting local people from around Hither Green and Lee in London, who also happen to be very talented!  We stock a range of baby and children related products that are not only useful, but beautiful too. 

Travel in style with you baby!  These travel change mats always sell out so fast.  Abi, who lives in Hither Green ensures that no two are the same. 

This cute Buntin is made by Judy, who lives in Lee.  She also makes the most gorgeous baby greeting cards with crochet designs on the front.

Below is an example of her 4 metre version displayed in our shop.

These cute shoes are designed by Francesca, who lives close to the shop and has just started her new venture in creating baby leather shoes.  The ones pictured are the last ones left and I kick myself for not photographing the other designs before they left the shop.  Francesca is originally from Northern Italy, and that's where these and her other lovely creations are made.  In her parents leather factory no less!

And these are absolute winners in our shop.  Everyone who comes in admires these busy bags by Ally Robinson.  Inside are note pads and as you can see different coloured pencils, sharpeners and erasers or crayons, depending on the size.  Ok, so they're not exactly made locally, however they are made in the UK and I just had to include them.  I think you'll agree that they are so cute and so different.  Perfect for  little ones who have everything!

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