Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kids Interiors

How cute are these wall decals.These are by Macadamia Media who specialise in graphic design but they have ventured out into the world of decor.  They can personalise to whatever name, with a choice of colours and three sizes.  They are available to buy here and are so reasonably priced!

I'm such a fan of wall stickers, in fact at the shop we are slightly obsessed with Belle & Boo and not only sell them but have them decorating the shop walls as well as a couple at home.

I fell in love with Belle & Boo whilst hunting for beautiful products to stock at the shop.  They have a whimsical, timeless feel to them that I find so endearing.  The top image has got to be my favourite.  It's so large it looks more like a mural and creates such a wow factor in a room. Also it's so rare to find kids decor, suitable for a boys room which isn't your typical dinosaur/cars/sea creatures designs 

These are currently available to purchase here

See you soon

Friday, 11 May 2012

Help Raise Awareness

Amelie Lewi is a beautiful little girl who lives with her parents in South East London.  She was tragically diagnosed with Tay Sachs.
Tay-Sachs disease is a progressive neurological genetic disorder. To find out more READ THIS.
Her parents, Daniel and Patricia Lewi were told in 2011 that their little girl is suffering from the terminal illness which has no known cure.  They have started a campaign to raise £3million for a clinical trial into the rare disease.
The disease usually starts affecting children at six months old, and most victims do not live past five.
When I read their story I cried. I Cried for them and this cruel blow they’ve had to endure. Cried for this beautiful little girl who doesn’t deserve this.  But also when I imagined how I would feel if it had been one of my children who had been diagnosed.  I instantly felt the need to spread the word and I’m hoping anyone reading this will either let their friends and family know about this story or donate or both!
Anyone can be a carrier of this defective gene and it was only afterwards that Amelie’s parents discovered they were both carriers.
You can DONATE HERE and help them with their fight for a cure and for more research.

Friday, 13 April 2012

West Wittering

As the title of this post suggests, we are currently having a lovely family break in West Wittering in Sussex.  I cannot believe how beautiful it is here!  We usually go to Europe on holiday but decided to stick closer to home as husbands work is full on at the moment.  So glad we did though.  I'm ashamed to say that we haven't really travelled around England and always laugh when tourists seem to know more about the land I live in than I do.

We're renting a chocolate box cottage with a thatched roof and feel so lucky to be staying here.  The village itself is like something out of an Enid Blyton book, full of fairytale like cottages, quaint period features and beautiful countryside.  It also has the added bonus of being walking distance to a stunning sandy beach which hasn't been spoilt with lots of shops with just a beach cafe and surf shop.  There are beach huts, sand dunes, yachts in the distance and bright blue skies!

Internet service is not great here and photos are taking ages to upload so will finish this post when we get back to London.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I Love...


I've come to the conclusion that I could quite easily (if money or space were no object) buy all the contents of this gorgeous shop.

I have a thing for yellow, although I don't think it suits me to wear it, I just love the colour and if I could find an excuse to include it in my home, then these chairs would be it.

I'm not really the apron sort of girl but if I were, then it would be this.

And these tea towels...surely too pretty!

These bowls are so cute

and this vase...

Whilst surfing the Anthropologie website, I came across these cushions.

I instantly loved them, however they looked very familiar to me.  And then I remembered...I enquired after them to stock in my own shop but just hadn't got around to actually ordering them.  Thornback and Peel make gorgeous homeware and soft furnishings and exhibit their products at Cockpit Arts who are an award winning social enterprise and are the UK's only creative incubator for designer makers.  Check out their website for other great products and works of art.

Bye for now...
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