Monday, 31 January 2011

Cutest Baby Shoes

These are the cutest baby shoes. They're from one of our favourite suppliers who have so many cute knitted and crochet baby toys and rattles.  Whenever customers come in they're immediately drawn to them. 

The knitted T-Rex and octopus rattle are also winners with us.  Now, what baby and parents wouldn't love to receive these as a gift!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lovely day at Bubble...

I went to Bubble trade show in Islington today. It was great to see lots of new exhibitors showcasing their new kids designs, but it was equally good to see some suppliers we already use at the shop. We've run out of quite a few favourites and it was nice to remind myself of why I liked them in the first place. I made some orders, which I seem to find easier when I see the products in front of me and can't wait for the deliveries.

My favourite stand by far was Helen Gordon, whom I subsequently ordered from.  Her corner really showed how creative she is. Fairytale themes run right through all her designs. Her very talented husband made all the props, from the giant toadstools, over sized building blocks to the cute wardrobe and chest of drawers, used for displaying everything.

Don't you think her display is so cute.

The day ended with me finding a gorgeous coffee shop in Islington, kicking back and enjoying a cappuccino...all by myself. Fantastic!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

We hope you all had a restful Christmas and New Year! After a rush at the shop, it was so good to concentrate on family and catch up with friends. It did manage to slow us all down, especially with all the extra bank holidays.

As often happens at Christmas, my children received far too much from relatives and we were so overwhelmed by all the toys that I think they didn't really take it all in. My son who is normally my most placid child even threw a strop, which isn't very attractive for a 7 year old burly boy, as soon as his presents were opened. He had received everything he had wished for and more, so his attitude was bewildering.

I have to admit that I was slightly sickened by the amount of packaging, boxes and batteries needed.

That's why, we're so proud at Love Me Again, to stick to traditional toys that encourage imaginative and creative play rather than noisy plastic toys that you can get anywhere. We seek out toys that are a bit different than what you get on the high street and always strive for quality that will capture imagination and endure endless amount of play.

Oh and did we mention, Love Me Again is holding a sale. 20 percent off new clothes and 30 percent off nearly new clothes.

Hope to see you soon
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