Monday, 25 July 2011

What a lovely day

This isn't strictly a shop related blog but just thought I'd share it anyway.  Had such a lovely day today in Godstone Farm, Surrey.  My oldest daughter was taken out for the day by her friend and her mum, my son went to camp beaumont with his friends which left me with daughters number two and four, which is rare as they're usually paired off with the sibling nearest their age, ie the two older girls together and the younger two together.  It was so nice to see them interact without the influence and arguements that inevitably comes when all four are together.  There wasn't one disagreement.  The sun was shining all day and unfortunately I dressed them for typical english weather, never believing the shining sun would carry on all day...but it did and the girls did get hot.  Apart from that they enjoyed the animals, the many sandpits dotted around, mazes, zip wire, slides...

Godstone Farm really is one of my favourite places.  It caters for all ages and is such an open and pleasant environment.  Last summer, the farm suffered some bad press as there was a serious outbreak of e-coli but they have made the appropriate changes and still remains (in my opinion) one of the best family days out

Gingerbread House in the woods

Guinea Pigs had their own town

Climbing Mountains

Ended the days with some arts activities

End Product

Friday, 22 July 2011

Love Me Again is changing...

Well, first of all let me apologise for not blogging recently. I have some news that may be of interest...

After much soul searching I feel it's time to change.

Love Me Again was started 3 years ago by Bettina and myself. We had the idea to sell on great quality second hand children's clothes as well as new, traditional toys. We bought our clothing stock from the public and would offer cash or vouchers in exchange for their best items of clothes that their children had out grown but were still in great condition.

This was good for a while and worked for us but like lots of businesses, sometimes a revamp is required to move with the times and to keep it looking fresh.

On discussing how we wanted the business to move forward, Bettina and I decided we wanted different things and thought the best way forward was to part ways. We understood each other and graciously accepted our decision.

Bettina will no longer be involved in the I'm going it alone!

I will no longer be selling second hand clothes and will instead be concentrating on the quality toys we have always sold, home ware and accessories.

As there is a change in direction, the shop will have a new name. I'll keep you in suspense for a little while longer In the meantime, there's lots to organise. New website, logo, branding, new shelving and display inside the shop as well as a complete exterior paint job.

Will make sure I post any updates.
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