Monday, 28 February 2011

Cute Jewellery

We have just been given the go ahead to stock gorgeous personalised jewellery by Merci Maman

We love their charms and they look so cute on the waxed cotton.  A lovely alternative to traditional necklaces and bracelets.

Hopefully you'll agree that they look great.  I know that I will be ordering one for myself very soon.

On a very different note...I feel very privileged to have a stable family life and to be able to bring my children up in a happy and well balanced home (most of the time!) and it made me appreciate that  more than ever when I came across these images by Photographer James Mollison who has taken pictures of children from around the world entitled 'Where Children Sleep'.

They had such an effect on me that I wasn't quite sure which pictures got to me more.  The kids who have nothing or the kids who have everything!  You can see more online here 

Monday, 21 February 2011

Just thought I'd share...

A little bit of shameless self promotion but also a proud moment.  We were lucky enough to be featured in You magazine last year.  I know what you're thinking, I look remarkably like Reese, well... it is Reese Witherspoon, on the cover anyway,  and the other picture isn't actually of me either, but Bettina, my business partner at Love Me Again. However the article certainly is about us. Click here to read the article in full.

We were picked to appear in an article about women starting up in business in the middle of a recession.  We are officially two of those mad crazy people, however we love it and all the challenges it brings.

On a slightly different note, even though this is a bit random and totally unrelated to my shop, didn't quite know how to incorporate it into shop life but just had to share this gorgeous video Gives me goosebumps everytime I watch it!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Event Coming Up!

We had a lovely visit from Nicola from Precious Memories who specialise in fingerprint jewellery and framed hand and foot casts.  We were contacted to see if we would be interested in holding a casting day (sounds like we're holding auditions for a show!)  Within minutes of meeting Nicola, we were sold.  The fingerprint jewellery, especially interested us and we know this is something our customers would love. Click here to see more.

Love Me Again is in what can only be described as Nappy Valley.  Although I know Balham/Wandsworth officially has the title of most babies and toddlers in a concentrated area in London, if not Britain, I think Hither Green/Lee in South East London is definitely catching up!  You can't blink without seeing mums and buggies and tops of heads whizzing past the shop window on those super cool and super fast micro scooters.  So my point is, we know this will be a popular event with all young families in the area and we'll be holding our casting day on Mothers Day, which is Sunday 3 April this year, from 10am.  So if you think you can get to us and want to take the opportunity to create an everlasting momento of your child, then please contact us to book a slot.  They'll even be a £10 voucher to spend at Love Me Again if you make a purchase with Precious Memories.

As a further incentive, if you purchase a framed cast, then you could be eliglible for a free photo shoot and 5 x 7 photo with Blackheath photographer, Clare Breheny and both the cast and photo would be included in the frame.  Click here to see some of her work.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Modern People

We are so glad to be on the web directory for Modern Shows.  For those of you who haven't heard of them, they run the most amazing annual shows which are open to public and trade and are also a showcase platform for small unique independent businesses.  Bettina and I visited their Kids Modern show last April and absolutely loved it.  The historic and beautiful building that is Dulwich College was the venue and it was filled with thousands of like minded people.  Every single stand was utterly gorgeous and creative and we were like kids in a sweet shop, oohing and ahhing every other minute!  This is where we first met Helen Gordon, who we now stock.  You can read more on her here . There were all kinds of exhibitors, from cutting edge state of the art kid must haves to rare vintage finds.

Unfortunately they're not running it this year, but not to worry there's always Mid Century Modern in March 2011 to look forward to.  This is the older brother of Kids Modern but there always seems to be some cool kids things amongst the madness!  When I spoke to Lucy of Modern People she offered to put us on the directory, which sees us amongst loads of lovely and inspirational independents. You can see a bit about us and loads more here

Fully Stocked and Ready to Go...

When the shop is fully stocked with all our favourite things, that's when I love it most!  The first picture below is in our baby section.  I always find that I can really go to town with anything baby here, because to be quite honest, most baby things are the cute.  However our job is to find the cutest and always looking for the next best thing.

Retro Spaceman Baking Set

Miniature china picnic set in basket.
 Perfect for little tea parties

These are always popluar, I think because they look so traditional, but also when you buy a present for a child, you're  hoping that the parent will love it too, and I think these do just that.  These are the kind of toys that children love but also look great in the house.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cool Clothes

At Love Me Again as well as staying true to our ethos of giving nearly new clothes and toys a new lease of life, we are lucky enough to be able to stock some new kids clothes from cool clothing label, Green Eyed Monster.  They make gorgeous organic clothing for babies and children and not only do they feel super soft, but they look great too.  Here's just a small selection from our range in store.

You can see more from Green Eyed Monster here.

I love to read your comments.  Please feel free to leave one and let me know what you think.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Just a Peek

I thought you may like to see some examples of the quality of clothes we get at the shop. Most of these came from one mum, one of my best suppliers of nearly new clothes.  She buys her kids some lovely things and knows they are given a new lease of life when she brings them to us.

Burberry Baby Top
Classic Burberry top, sure to satisfy any fashionista parent

Zara Blouse
This blouse by Zara is so beautiful, with its lovely vintage inspired print, sure to make mum happy as well as child

Lili Gaufette Tutu

This tutu is so nice that I might just try and convince my 4 year old that black is the new pink!

Stella McCartney

How cute is this summer baby romper suit by Stella McCartney.  Only the best for our customers!

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