Saturday, 5 March 2011

We Love Local...

At Love Me Again we pride ourselves in supporting local people from around Hither Green and Lee in London, who also happen to be very talented!  We stock a range of baby and children related products that are not only useful, but beautiful too. 

Travel in style with you baby!  These travel change mats always sell out so fast.  Abi, who lives in Hither Green ensures that no two are the same. 

This cute Buntin is made by Judy, who lives in Lee.  She also makes the most gorgeous baby greeting cards with crochet designs on the front.

Below is an example of her 4 metre version displayed in our shop.

These cute shoes are designed by Francesca, who lives close to the shop and has just started her new venture in creating baby leather shoes.  The ones pictured are the last ones left and I kick myself for not photographing the other designs before they left the shop.  Francesca is originally from Northern Italy, and that's where these and her other lovely creations are made.  In her parents leather factory no less!

And these are absolute winners in our shop.  Everyone who comes in admires these busy bags by Ally Robinson.  Inside are note pads and as you can see different coloured pencils, sharpeners and erasers or crayons, depending on the size.  Ok, so they're not exactly made locally, however they are made in the UK and I just had to include them.  I think you'll agree that they are so cute and so different.  Perfect for  little ones who have everything!


  1. Very beautiful items, I love the changing mats! x

  2. The bags are fab and I love the bunting. I found you via British Mummy bloggers. What a gorgeous shop it is, totally my kind of place. I love that it supports the talents of local people, rather than mass produced items.

  3. So beautiful. I would need half a day rummaging through all those shelves! Love the bunting.

    CJ xx

  4. Hi Ritz - thank you so much for your lovely comment I thought I would come and check yours out too! what a wonderful shop you have I think you will be having an order from me for the cute jewellery - as I forsee a christening on the horizon much love mummyrella xx


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