Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kids Clothes...

I've just updated our online clothes with some Spring and Summer wear.  Very late I know!

Here's a little glimpse.... If you want to see more online, click on the photo of the Ted Baker Mac on the right.

Petit Fleur Dress 4-5 years

Oilily Dress 4- 5 years

Jigsaw Dress 4-5 years

No Added Sugar top 0-6 months

Catimini Dungarees 3 months

And finally - Did you see this video? Very cute but can also be a tinsy bit annoying after a while.
da da da da da da da da da da!

What are they saying?


  1. You shared really lovely clothes.I love this designs and colors.You made such a lovely collection.

  2. These all designer clothes look so flawless. I love this designer outfits. All are really lovely colors and design.

  3. These are really adorable clothes that you have seen over here, specially i like this video that you have shared over here.

    1. Here every cloths looking excellent.. i appreciate of your work. Every thing looking excellent. I like this every designer child cloths.

  4. Here cloths of kids are really very cute and very colorful and I like this all of the cloths and kids looks really very cute in this cloths.

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