Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I Love...


I've come to the conclusion that I could quite easily (if money or space were no object) buy all the contents of this gorgeous shop.

I have a thing for yellow, although I don't think it suits me to wear it, I just love the colour and if I could find an excuse to include it in my home, then these chairs would be it.

I'm not really the apron sort of girl but if I were, then it would be this.

And these tea towels...surely too pretty!

These bowls are so cute

and this vase...

Whilst surfing the Anthropologie website, I came across these cushions.

I instantly loved them, however they looked very familiar to me.  And then I remembered...I enquired after them to stock in my own shop but just hadn't got around to actually ordering them.  Thornback and Peel make gorgeous homeware and soft furnishings and exhibit their products at Cockpit Arts who are an award winning social enterprise and are the UK's only creative incubator for designer makers.  Check out their website for other great products and works of art.

Bye for now...

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