Saturday, 23 April 2011

Miami News

Just got back from a great holiday with all my family in Miami.  Whilst there, I'm obviously on the look out for any child related products and ideas to bring back to London.  Here are a few pictures that may interest you.

We saw the coolest kids hair salons.  I know these fun seats are slowly popping up all over the UK, but in Miami, it was kind of run of the mill.  The seats even had their own personal TV's and at the time playing Dora the Explorer.  I could have taken a whole load more photos of their other seats in the shape of all kinds of cars and motorbikes, but the salon was busy and I felt very much like the silly tourist taking random pictures!

The Easter Bunny was huge there - I mean literally.  My kids were too scared to go near him. The queues of kids waiting to see him were long - think Santa Clause. Every where we went Easter was referenced.  I cannot tell you the amount of of places holding huge Easter Egg hunts.  If we had been there for Easter, we would definitely have gone to one.

And these shoes, I just had to show.  At first glance you may think they are just normal ladies strappy sandals - but they're not.  These were actually a small size 8 and 9.  My four year old could have worn them!  When I was taking pictures, the staff looked at me like I was mad but I just had to explain that I had never seen such grown up shoes in such little sizes.  I sounded like such a snob and maybe I was...

And lastly, not exactly child related, but for all you pet lovers out there, the cutest outfits and accessories for your little pooch.  Not that I would ever dress my dog in anything like what is shown, but I couldn't deny how cute it all was.


  1. Suri Cruise has her own little heels. I find that quite bizarre. They are very grown up looking shoes. The seats at the hairdressers are so cool. It must have been an amazing place to visit. x

  2. Wow, that is a very scary Easter bunny, your kids show good sense! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  3. Saw the Easter bunny here with my 3yr old. He went inside for a break and a lady started to tell her how it was just a friends's son in a costume!

  4. what cool seats!! my 7 yr old daughter is at the age now where she always wants to be more grown up, and seeing her friends tottering around in high heels has caused me an her to have lil arguments about what 7 yr olds should and shouldnt be wearing!

  5. lovely seats, there is a shop like that in London, it has kids clothes in the front and funky barber shop seats in the back.

    looks like you had lots of fun!

    Abi xx
    mum of one trendy toddler

  6. I've seen a shop like that in London also, would really make hair cutting more exciting for the kids!

    You have a lovely blog please have a look at mine if you get a chance it's


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