Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wardrobe anyone?

I spent the afternoon working at the shop today, Bettina worked in the morning but on the crossover we ended up catching up on shop/home stuff.  After grabbing a sandwich, we decided we may as well use the time productively and decide on a plan of action for the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.  This  always ends up with us making lists so we don't forget what we've discussed.  It's a very simple but effective way of making sure we try and accomplish all we have discussed.  Anyway, having covered what we needed to cover, Bettina made her way home.  Two minutes later she calls on the shop phone to tell me that there is a small wardrobe on the street. 

I tell her to wait by the wardrobe as I have customers but as soon as they leave, I lock up and scurry down the road to see it.

Someone has put it outside their house as they don't need/want it in the hope that someone will take it away.  That someone was us.  It's a small dark wood wardobe with loads of character, probably 100 years old, but painted white it could look perfect in the shop. When we first opened,  I had a vision of wardrobes with no doors, housing the clothes and shelves full of toys.  It never came about and we ended up going with conventional shelves and rails.

Anyway, try as we might, the wardrobe didn't seem to work in the shop.  It's such a contrast to the shelves we have.  I'm usually all for contrasts, but this just didn't look right.  The only place it would look nice is on the back wall but that would mean moving the till and cables around...

We decided we'd sleep on it and decide over the weekend.  Will keep you posted on what we decide!

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